Your Team of PAs

When you choose myalldayPA as your telephone answering service, you can expect the same high quality of call handling you’d get with a monthly contract with alldayPA.
We use the same PAs and the same call centres to answer calls for myalldayPA as we do for alldayPA, so you know you’re getting the best service possible.

The alldayPA Academy

Each and everyone of our PAs goes through the alldayPA academy, which is an intensive 6 weeks course that makes sure our PAs always answer your calls to the highest standard in a way that is professional and creates a great first impression for anyone calling into your business.

Once the PAs graduate the alldayPA academy, they continue to undergo training and reviews on a regular basis to ensure their standards never slip.

Committed to quality

Our commitment to training and continual review ensures that myalldayPA can provide your business with the best PAs in the industry, all for a convenient and affordable pay-as-you-go price.