Telephone Answering from myalldayPA

When you use myalldayPA you ensure that every call that comes in to your business is answered by a friendly, professionally trained PA. That means you never miss a call, and you never miss a new business enquiry.

With myalldayPA, your calls are answered by the very same PAs that answer calls for alldayPA clients. All of our PAs go through the alldayPA training academy to ensure they answer every call to our high standards, and that they will answer your calls in a way that works for both you and your customers.

When someone calls in to your business the call will be diverted to myalldayPA where one of our PAs will answer the call and take a name, number, and message from the caller. This message is then emailed through to you in real time so you can deal with the enquiry when it is convenient for you. This makes sure your customer has got the fast and efficient service they want, and it allows you to concentrate on your work without being distracted by the phone.

If you’d prefer to take the call, you can also use myalldayPA to transfer calls through to you.

Virtual Receptionists Service

As well as taking a message, you can use myalldayPA as a fully-fledged virtual receptionist service. When you choose to use the virtual receptionist service, the PA taking the call will transfer it through to you.

When you use our Virtual Receptionist service you make sure that everyone who calls in to your business has their call answered by a professional, which in turn makes your business look more professional. The PA will take the callers information and then phone you to transfer the call. Before the call is put through they’ll let you know who’s on the line and why they’re calling. This means you’re ready for the call, and your customer gets all the information they need from you as quickly and clearly as possible.

If you’re unavailable when the PA gets in touch to transfer the call, they’ll simply take a name, number, and message and email it over to you to deal with once you’re free.

This is much better than simply answering the phone yourself as it provides your callers with the professional experience they expect when calling a business, which makes a huge difference when it comes to sending trust signals to customers and making a sale.

Whether you choose to use myalldayPA for message taking or the virtual receptionist service, you give your customers the best possible service when they phone in.

Telephone Answering that’s pay-as-you-go

Normally to get the high standard of service we offer you’d have to sign up with a telephone answering service on an expensive monthly contract. With myalldayPA that isn’t the case.

Our entire service is built on a pay-as-you-go platform that puts you in control. You choose how much money you spend, and you simply top up your account with more credit when you’re ready.

All the calls are charged at a flat rate for message taking and a flat rate for transfers. That means that whenever a call comes in it’s charged the same, so myalldayPA is easy to budget for. Whether the calls are coming in first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night, you know exactly how much money you’re spending.

Easy sign-up and account management

Because myalldayPA is a pay-as-you-go service, signing up and managing your account couldn’t be easier. Every aspect of using myalldayPA is done online. From the sign-up process, through to reading your messages, and even switching between message taking and the virtual receptionist service you can set up your myalldayPA account in just one hour.

Simply click sign-up now and you’ll be asked to choose your phone number and your greeting. Once you buy some credit you can start diverting your calls to that number and use the service. It’s that simple.

To check your messages, switch between message taking and virtual receptionists services, and top up your account, you simply log in to the myalldayPA portal. That means that as long as you can get online you’re in full control of your account.

When it comes to telephone answering, myalldayPA is as easy and straight forward as it gets.

Start using myalldayPA

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