Call Answering from myalldayPA isn’t just for sole traders. It works for teams too

When you’re a small business everyone has to pitch in and help when they’re needed. Often, this means people get dragged away from their work to go and answer the phone.

While you might not be getting so many calls that you need a receptionist, you still need a way to handle your phone lines. With myalldayPA you can do it in a way that is cost effective and and works for your business.

When you choose myalldayPA you know your phone will be answered 24/7. This stops the phone from ringing in your office and means your staff can work in a focussed and efficient environment.

We forward all your messages to you in real time so you can respond to them when you’re ready. If ever you want the calls to come through to you simply login to myalldayPA online and switch from message taking to call transfers.

It’s that simple.

Click sign up online now to get started.