It’s time to update your Answering Machine

update your answering machine

Answering machines used to be great, however, a lot has changed since the 1970’s. It’s time to update your Answering Machine and call a day on the old “leave a message after the tone” hassle and ditch the most annoying form of communication ever. The voicemail is extinct, and he sends his regards to the fax machine.

More and more business professionals are becoming increasingly reliant on technology to help aid production. Yet many of these professionals fail to answer phone calls and greet callers with voicemail in a hope to minimise interruptions and maximise productivity. But is that really client service?

Take your customer service to the next level

UK customer’s patience is at an all time low. Today’s ‘connected’ customer wants to be able to speak to a real person at a time that suits them. Leaving a voice message is something that not many people like doing. Because when confronted by an answering machine, they feel like an annoyance.

Having an answering machine active reflects badly on your brand. Forbes reports that 80% of callers hang up when greeted with an automated message. If the small percentage decide to leave a voice message, they may forget to leave contact details making it difficult to call them back.

You must accommodate your customer service to serve current requirements. Customers choose to make a phone call because they want to be heard. The way you handle calls helps to shape the consumers’ perceptions of your brand and, therefore, it’s important that you do not rely on automated answering services.

A telephone answering solution to suit you

Sometimes, you cannot always answer the telephone or provide the best customer service you possibly can. A telephone answering service will help to capture new business while allowing you the time to focus on your workload. And, your callers will always be greeted by a real person no matter when they call.

myalldayPA can confidently manage your calls all of the time, some of the time or over time. By logging calls via real-time and diverting those of high importance, you will never miss another business opportunity again.