How To Be A Good Customer

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For most of our consumer lives, we can tend to be unfair customers. Sending improper emails, being rude over the phone or attacking a company over social media can be a default reaction if we do not initially get our own way but it is not how to be a good customer.

We need to remember that in most cases there is a human at the end of these complaints, they have to deal with customers all day and is will be trying their hardest to resolve the situation.

Work together to solve the problem

Customer support is a two-way street. The more we work with the team trying to help us the quicker the problem will be solved. Putting obstacles in the way will only further prevent the problem from being rectified.

Write down everything

So before contacting the business over the problem that you are facing, write down everything that you need to discuss. Decide how you would like this situation to be handled but be open to suggestions from the support team. Accept their apology and move on. Staying angry and not accepting that they are willing to compensate and help you in this situation will not benefit you or your business.

Ensure it will not reoccur

When the problem has been solved make a point of discussing ways to ensure this will never happen again. This will benefit you in the future as you will not have to continuously fix a problem that should have been sorted in the first place.

Not staying in control; of the situation and getting frustrated with the person you are speaking with will never have a positive outcome. Stay calm and collected and deal with the problem professionally. It will deliver better results.

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