How To Appear Bigger To Your Customers

how to appear bigger to customers

One of the main hurdles entrepreneurs face is overcoming the image of looking too small to potential customers. There are many options in the market to make your business appear more professional and attract new customers but the following suggests how to appear bigger to you customers.

Get a professional email address for your customers to contact you on

For customers to contact a business online, may it be for an enquiry or to purchase a product or service, the easier and applicable the email address is to the business the more professional that business will appear. Having a personal domain name means that businesses will not have to use a Hotmail or Gmail address for customers to use to get in contact with them.

Hire a team of PAs

Many large businesses outsource their incoming calls to help manage out of hours, weekends, holidays and overflow calls. Even if small businesses don’t have this influx of calls they can use a telephone answering service to manage calls when staff are in meetings, on lunch and to help them appear larger as a professionally trained PA will answer their incoming calls 24/7.

Have meetings in coffee shops or hire an office for the day

Not having a physical space to meet clients and work from may seem like an obstacle but the cost of maintaining an office is expensive, and when businesses do not need to meet with clients regularly the cost is better spent on something else. There are many options that small businesses and entrepreneurs have in today’s market that help them overcome this. Working from home and meeting clients in coffee shops or restaurants may seem unprofessional, but a lot of people do it. Choose the same location and form relationships with the venue keeps minds at ease when meeting clients. If an office is needed rent space for a day or a week. Keep costs down but impress clients when needed.

Get a virtual address

Companies offer virtual addresses for businesses to get post sent to. These addresses can open the possibilities of small businesses being based in the most upmarket locations throughout the UK or even abroad. Virtual addresses are an excellent way of making businesses appear more professional than they may be.

Post activity on Social Media

With many customers checking businesses Social Media pages to see what they are doing, it is of vital importance that a new business has this. If entrepreneurs are attending events, networking or have a new product or service it would be beneficial to the image of the business to showcase this on social media. It give the customers an inside look to the business and help the business appear more personal and up to date.